20 April 2013

Team USA in Grapevine, Texas – Part 1

After spending a fantastic 10 days in Auburn, AL, our team hopped in the vans and made a 14 hour trek across 4 states to our final destination of Grapevine, TX in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We stretched our legs at each rest stop and even did a little exercise! (more…)

9 April 2013

Team USA in Auburn, Alabama

Here we are in Auburn, Alabama on our outreach mission! If you’re late to the game, this is our ministry school year-end trip where we get to pour out everything that’s been poured into us over the last 8 months. We’ve also changed one of our destinations since we last updated here. The host church […]

27 January 2013

SOSL Outreach Adventures: Here’s the Plan

Time for an update on our life! We’re currently back in school and are gearing up for our outreach trip in April. If you received a letter from us over the holidays, we have an even more recent update. We thought we were headed to Asheville, NC, but as it turns out, plans fell through […]

2 January 2013

Marion, Illinois Family Vacation

While it may seem like we’ve had absolutely nothing going on over the last 4 or 5 months – due to the absence of blog posts – quite the opposite is actually true. We’ve just been so full of activity that we’re behind on posting – like 4 months behind! Case in point, we took […]

14 December 2012

NYC 2012 Day 3: Grand Central Terminal

7a – Today Show We got an early start on Day 3 so we could catch the live broadcast of The Today Show on NBC outside at Rockefeller Plaza. It was great fun to be so close to the behind-the-scenes action! (more…)

13 December 2012

NYC 2012 Day 2: Top of the Rock

8a – Breakfast at Fresh & Co We arose to our next day in Times Square and enjoyed a fresh breakfast before making our way to the Top of the Rock to see the cityscape from the top of Rockefeller Center. (more…)

12 December 2012

NYC 2012 Day 1: Our Time in Times Square

What could possibly be a better Christmas gift for a couple of Supertrampers than an incredibly generous trip to New York City for 4 days in December?! We were stoked to meet my Nana in NYC the day after our first semester ended for SOSL. It was chilly to be sure, but we enjoyed perfectly […]

19 October 2012

5 Weeks into the Supernatural

Where to begin to give an update on the School of Supernatural Life thus far? We’re five weeks in and we’ve tried, but neither of us can fully put into words what a blessing it is to be a student here under such amazing leadership and with such incredible community. We’re sad to leave every […]

19 September 2012

5 Years Down. Infinity to Go.

September 1, 2012 marked exactly 1826 days (which is, of course, 5 years plus one day to account for leap year) since this happened: (more…)

5 September 2012

Our Next Adventure: We’re Going Back to School!

Last year was full of traveling adventures on the other side of the world, but now we’re embarking on a brand new adventure right here at home. We’re pumped to share this exciting news with the world! So here’s our big news – Drew and I will be attending the School of Supernatural Life at […]

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